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Here's a project I have been working on since June that I'm particularly proud of. It's a new interactive site for our Lum School PTA in Alameda.

The goals of the site include, in no particular order:

Upsidedown Signature Sounds

Unfortunately, I didn't have the energy to make it down to see my pal Matt's (aka Stinkbait, aka by co-conspirator in Holeworld) band open up for the Dandy Warhols at the Warfield on Saturday night, smack in the middle of Hardly Strictly weekend. A near miss. And then Datnoff (another friend from Hood River) passed through town the following week, but another near miss.

It takes genius!

Bailout Bill $700 billion
Additional Pork $150 billion
Dow (-484) in 3 hours $600 billion
Total carnage to you, The Taxpayer $1.45 trillion

Don't you love it when congress gets together with George Bush? Patriot Act... Iraq War... and now Bailouts for Bankers. You think this was going to save your 401k? What are you, nuts!?!?!

HARDLY STRICTLY 8 - Sure to be a Barnes Burner!!

This year's lineup is stellar as usual. Saturday is a barnburner and Sunday is ALSO a barnburner. Or should I say Barnes Burner because Mr. Danny Barnes has the potential to play w/ 5 or 6 acts.


T Bone Burnett again brings a band, but this time w/ unknowns such as Robert Plant and a fiddler named Alison Krauss. Nothing to see here!


I'm just skipping the banjo stage altogether. I can hear Steve Earle rant some other time.

Send them love! Send them duckies and bunnies!!

Today's congressional vote against George Bush's bailout plan for bankers was perhaps the most glorious thing to happen in grass roots politics since the 60's. Especially after the sudden crammage of the Patriot Act and that duct tape-induced madness leading up to the Iraq War, I was expecting dogs and ponies.

But instead, they in fact LISTENED to us!

Well I know the pigmen are persistent, so they'll be back with another plan soon.

Too early for Halloween?

We just ticked September (Northern California heat wave!) and Henry is already sifting through his costumes. Last year, he went through 7 different configurations on Halloween night... scaring the BEJEEZUS out of trick-or-treaters on our haunted porch with his various accessories (fangs, masks, reversible cape, fog machine, microphone/amp rig, spiderman gloves, etc.)

We actually had to apologize to a girl from school the next day at school for scaring a bit too much.