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Update on the John Carter of Mars Movie

My 10-year-old just loaded up the first 3 John Carter of Mars novels onto his kindle. Being a Star Wars fan, I figured he'd be hooked all summer long. Surprisingly, his summer reading drifted back to George Orwell so I'm hoping to get him excited with updates on the movie. Disney's "John Carter" will finally be released in March of 2012, one hundred years after being written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Vancouver Has The Best Bike Lanes

Speaking of civilized, we recently visited Vancouver, British Columbia for a combo business/pleasure trip. We navigated the city for 5 full days mostly by foot, bicycle, and public transit (and the occasional taxi.) Compared to San Francisco, the weather sorta sucks (which says a lot if you know SF) but Vancouver makes San Francisco look ***archaic*** when it comes to transit. They really have it figured out.

Queens of the Stone Age are the most Punctual Band in Rock

Queens of the Stone Age on the marquee of Oakland's Fantastic Fox Theater

We did something different for Monday night's QotSA show at the Fox Theater in Oakland. We sat down! I can't remember the last time we sat down for a show, but we had 8th row center mezzanine (row H) and it was rather civilized. Perhaps too civilized for a Queens of the Stone Age show, but being a Monday night after a long week of travel, it was a good call. Unlike the Warfield in San Francisco, you can bring drinks to your seat (nice cup holders) and, given that they were moshing downstairs, it was civilized indeed.

And do you know what else is civilized? QotSA is punctual! The opening band went on exactly at 8:00 pm and the Queens went on EXACTLY at 9. They play a fierce, condensed show so we were back home to pay off the babysitter at 11:15.

Chinese Junk 4 Sale

Great opportunity for a live-aboard in San Francisco Bay. This boat is an absolute classic with completely rebuilt engine and rewords teak wood throughout. It's currently docking at Jack London Square in Oakland. Imagine how much fun you could have taking your friends out to watch the America's Cup races.

Check the website for interior and exterior photos and specifications. If you buy it... and you learned of it here... want to take The Boegers out on the bay to watch some racing?

After 5 years, time for an upgrade!

After 5 years, it's time for an upgrade. The first site we did for Jake was back in 2006 and it was built with Drupal 4.

Jake is an interesting dude. We both are huge Danny Barnes fans but he takes his mutant banjo playing in a different direction, as he's very influenced by classical music (whereas Barnes gravitates toward metal and punk.) Jake is also a backcountry medic which I think is pretty cool. I met him in person once when he was visiting Marin to practice some cliff-side rescue techniques.